The Lucky Bonsai story…

Hi I’am Didi and I draw „Lucky Bonsais“.

On this website you will find individual drawings of little bonsai trees. I usually draw these out of the head without any templates.

Lucky Bonsais

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= Why the name „Lucky Bonsai“? =

A cpouple of years ago, I started to draw little Bonsais trees when I was travelling. I gave them as a small thank you to my hosts, my drivers when I hitchhiked and to my friends on the way. At some point a friend in Sweden said to me: Didi, thank you for this beautiful bonsai. From now on he will be my lucky charm and I will take good care of him! And so the idea of the „Lucky Bonsai“ was born.

= Where can I buy a Lucky Bosai drawing? =

You can’t buy Luck!

…so you can’t buy a Lucky Bonsai.

But you can write me a message if you want a drawing.

Or you meet me in person on my travels somewhere around the world. Just check my youtube channel or my Instagram feed to see where I’m currently at.

= One Line – One Life – One Earth =


If you line up all the Lucky Bonsai drawings, you will recognize they are all connected with the bottom line. This line represents life and the Earth we are living on. #OneLine #OneWorld #OneLife